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Welcome to our mobile game development course. If you have ever pondered the intricacies of creating a mobile game, you have come to the right place.

This mobile game course has been meticulously crafted to provide you with a step-by-step guide through the challenges commonly encountered in mobile game development. By enrolling in this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your game’s compatibility with various screen resolutions and devices. This includes mastering automatic camera adjustments, scaling and placement of UI elements, and much more.

The course content has been developed using Unity 2022 version. Our lectures are thoughtfully edited to offer concise and easily understandable instructions, avoiding any unnecessary time wastage.

Here are some of the key highlights covered in this course:

  1. Utilizing Unity’s New Input System
  2. Monetization Strategies
  3. Implementing Notifications
  4. Optimization Techniques
  5. Ensuring Device Compatibility and Conducting Testing
  6. Designing Boss Fights
  7. Navigating the Publishing Process

Upon completion of this course, you will possess a solid foundation in the development and publishing of mobile games. Please note that the publishing process specifically addresses the Android platform on the Google Play Store. However, the rest of the course material encompasses both Android and iOS platforms.

In the event that you encounter any difficulties or require assistance, I am available to address your queries promptly.

Thank you for investing your time, and I look forward to guiding you through the enriching lessons of this course.

What you will learn:

  1. Implementing Touch Controls using Unity’s New Input System
  2. Monetization techniques including Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded ads for both Android and iOS
  3. Incorporating Notifications for Android and iOS
  4. Testing Games on Mobile Devices for Android and iOS
  5. Ensuring Compatibility with diverse Resolutions and Mobile Devices
  6. Creating a Virtual Joystick
  7. Implementing Level Selection with an Unlocking System
  8. Introducing Power Ups such as Health, Shield, and Shooting Upgrades
  9. Designing and Implementing a Boss Fight
  10. Score Tracking, High Score Management, and Save System
  11. Optimization through Scriptable Objects, Profiler Analysis, and Object Pooling System
  12. Publishing on Google Play for Android

Course Requirements:

Basic knowledge of C# programming (variables, functions, etc.) (not mandatory)
Familiarity with the Unity editor (not mandatory)
An Android or iPhone device is preferred, but not mandatory

Who should take this course:

Individuals seeking a rapid entry into mobile game development

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